Was on 2015 , updated to 2017 and now very laggy

The application freezes up alot while using it. This rarely happened in 2015.

Most of the freezing happens when drag selecting. The program crashes when I browse the 3D library.

I suspect the HD3000 integrated graphics isn’t helping

Intel HD3000 Graphics are beyond End of Life (ie, Unsupported) for over a year now:

The latest graphics drivers avilable, are for Windows 7 / 8.1:

Computers with Intel iCore 2nd generation APUs with HD2000 or HD3000 Integrated GPUs have NEVER supported Windows 10, and should not have been upgraded. (Even support for 3rd generation iCore Processors with HD2500 and HD4000 graphics are problematic under Windows 10, and I myself have decided not even to upgrade any of our 4th generation machines beyond Windows 8.1.)

Recent Windows 10 Updates have caused havoc with older Intel graphics and some versions of Nvidia drivers.

It was never an issue in 2015. It still isn’t an issue in 2015.

SU 2015 uses OpenGL 2.0, SU 2017 uses OpenGL 3.0.
It is kinda weird as SU 2015 was released late 2014 8 months before Windows 10 was.
I believe officially SU 2016 was the first to support installing on Windows 10.

So from reading the other thread you recommended, it appears to be a misalignment between Microsoft and OpenGL.

Yes, with older Intel integrated HD graphics being hardest hit.

Gotcha, I’ll switch workstations and see if that makes a difference.

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