Selection box question

I am seeing this more and more in Sketchup. I will pick a point on my screen to select an area or a item, but instead of seeing the box start were pick and end when I pick the 2dn point and click I see a box off to the right (See the attached) as I start the commend. When I click the 2nd point then I see the selected items within the correct area I picked.

It doesn’t happen all the time just once and awhile and most of the time in big files with lots of items in it. Is this a glitch or some kind of CPU, GPU computer problems?

I am on Windows 10
Sketchup version 2018

I suspect it’s likely a graphics problem due to the computer’s graphics driver and SketchUp not working well together. You might check for possible updates to whatever driver you have installed.

Yea, thanks
I was just reading a post here that was explaining it as a windows problem. it seems when windows updates the system it resets the graphics to its defaults ???

I am having similar issues with V Ray, after an update it crashes Sketchup when I go to use it. Where do you go to complain on windows web site!!!

Are there similar issues on a MAC?

Not exactly. Macs have their own software management issues, but I’d say fewer than on Windows-based PCs. The “closed ecosystem” enforced by Apple yields some simplifications.

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Something to look into.

I am on a Mac and I get this occasionally too. It may differ slightly though. If I define a box, the box gets shown off to the left somewhere but the selection is right nevertheless. It’s pretty easy to reset it so that it works properly. It’s a glltch of some sort but not one that much affects what I’m doing so I just ignore it.

I sometimes find it happening if I’ve accidentally scrolled the mouse wheel a little while dragging the mouse, and so zoomed the view. The selection box stays in the same place on screen and therefore may not capture what I intended.

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