Selecting 2 different pieces when triple click one


when i clicked to bottom board, sketchup selects both up and down one. I am a newbie. What is the solution? Whick lesson i have to read or watch about this? thanks.


Triple click selects all connected edges and faces. So evidently you’ve got those two parts connected as one.

Are you making components of the parts as you draw them? Probably the simplest fix since you’re new is to hide the other parts temporarily and then erase the upper board. Select all of the lower one and make it a component. Then redraw the upper one and make it a component.

The thing you have to work on is developing the habit of drawing the geometry for only one part and making it a component before you move on to drawing the next part. It’s kind of like remembering to inflate the cuff before you start the vent. :wink:


Thank You @DaveR :wink:


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