Triple click selection


Im just having a problem with triple click selection issue and need your help…
in my current modeling this triple click function is suddenly not working as usual. I have tried to made a simple model (box) in a new file and it works well. Im not sure what is the problem causing triple click has failed to select all (connected edges and faces) in current modeling (see here : . by the I also tried to purge unused and fix problem in model info tab. my modeling is not so complicated and big size, so would you please tell me why and how to fix this issue.
thanks very much :slight_smile:


Are you sure it’s a file or SU problem? I ask because when I upgraded my mouse recently, I found that double and triple clicking no longer worked as reliably as with my previous mouse. Luckily, my new mouse has two programmable buttons which have been assigned to double and triple clicking respectively, so I no longer have the lottery of multiple clicking. Works well with other software too.


well, I surely believe this is only happened in my current model and my first case. I was just tried in another new file, it works well with my mouse and SU, it can select all as usual.


Looks like the file you uploaded is not the actual SU file so it won’t tell us much.


of coz that is not SU file, I uploaded my recorded video about my issue in SU


Yes, and what I am saying is: let’s see the actual file. Is there a reason you cannot or don’t want to upload it? There are other options if so.


This is my SU 2017 file and hope you can share your best suggestion to solve it
please see here :

  1. how to enable triple click selection (all connected faces & edges)
  2. how to make it to run faster (I have done about purge unused and setting style), it’s always lagging even this model does not look complex and file size also not so big.



OK, well, I guess I asked for it! A 230Mb file? At my broadband speed it would take half a day to download. No wonder it runs so slowly. That could be the source of many of your woes unless you have a lightning fast computer.

If the triple click problem is just as bad on a much smaller file, can you send that instead?


There seems to be conflicting and subjective info so far in this topic. Perhaps you can provide some specific details to clarify? You say the model “does not look complex and file size also not so big”, yet @simoncbevans says it is 230MB which certainly is not small (I have a fast enough internet to download it, but am pretty sure that will overwhelm my computer). How many edges, faces, and materials does Model Info statistics say you have? Regarding your computer, what type and speed CPU, how much RAM? A model with millions of edges and faces will slow down any computer and will bring all but the very most powerful to a crawl.


I downloaded your model and managed to load it. It has 2,409,577 edges and 1,363,650 faces, which makes it of a size that will bog down many computers. However, I have no problem with triple click - except that in some cases you have nested groups/components and you have to descend multiple levels before the triple-click selects edges and faces. I don’t see any excessive lag or failure of triple-click. Is there a particular object in the model on which triple-click causes you problems?

As is often the case in “heavy” models such as this, the majority of the edges and faces are from “entourage” items that you likely downloaded from the 3DWarehouse. They add a tremendous amount of detail bloat to the model that is likely not visible unless you zoom in quite close to the objects involved. It would be worth your while to ponder these and see whether you can simplify them, and if you really need them for closeups, substitute proxy components while building your model and only roll in the details when absolutely needed.

In order of edge count, the biggest offenders are:

bamboo+partition: 596500 edges
Cortina Branca: 357224 edges
¦-+±+ (88): 357224 edges
SOFA+L-shape±high-poly±+component+based: 255359 edges
mini+bar+ndeh: 210484 edges
Untitled (4): 128538 edges
god+Kwnao: 121296


Thanks for your promptly response and checked on my model…
those biggest offenders as mentioned are downloaded from 3dwarehouse, you are correct about this.
I should consider to avoid and follow your idea to substitute it to proxy.
in my current model, I fail to use triple click on any object even just a simple box model also can not work.
before those 3dwarehouse model drag my pc speed I still can use that triple click.
my pc specs : intel i7-8700 3.2Ghz, RAM 32GB, Asus GPU GTX 1070Ti.


Since @slbaumgartner is unable to reproduce the triple click problem you encounter, it is clearly not file related. And as thousands of Sketchup users do not have the problem either, it follows that it is unlikely to be related to the software. Are you able to use double and triple clicking in other software? If you can, have you tried reinstalling Sketchup? If you can’t, it is most likely related to your hardware setup.