Triple click problem

Hi users, i am learning to use sketchup thru sketchup fundamental videos. I am facing triple click issue in my first drawing. can any one tell me another way to select the objects & create components & groups?

What is the problem you are having with triple clicking?

You can select all of the geometry by clicking and dragging a selection box around it but you have to be careful not to include unwanted stuff.


@DaveR has a good suggestion regarding another way to select a collection of geometry. If you’d like to look into the triple-click problem more… it’s possible that the mouse you’re using is not registering the three successive clicks properly (are you able to double-click ok?). To troubleshoot, you may try triple-clicking via your trackpad (if you have one) or try a different mouse (if you have one). Otherwise, you could take a gander at your mouse settings via your computer’s operating system options.

What is your graphics card? df isn’t a valid answer.

And does the Operating System - 10 - mean Windows 10?

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will help you identify your graphics card.

If it is only one built into the motherboard, that might possibly be causing your problem, as the mouse and graphics drivers are I believe quite closely related if not intermingled.

Another thing to check is the click speed setting of your mouse. If you are either too fast or too slow compared to the setting it will misfire.

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Right-click on one of the edges or faces and choose “Select -> All Connected”
All Connected