Triple click no longer works, and thoughts on pricing

Suddenly triple click no longer selects a potential component. It seems to select only the clicked face, and only after a delay of 3-5 seconds. There is reference to similar problems a year ago. Has a new OS patch again caused this? Solutions?

I’m saddened to see the eventual passing of sketchup Make 2017. In its present incarnation, sketchup free is unusable, sketchup shop poorly described, pretty expensive, and, per other posts in this forum, not very much better, and sketchup pro unaffordable.

Hey, it’s your company, Trimble. You’ve given us a long time to sample the heroin, and now we need to pay top dollar for it. That’s on us. I’d love to see you do something like Photoshop - a program I bought, but with the option of an only mildly brain dead Photoshop Elements in the $50 - $100 ballpark. $200 per year is pretty steep.

Anyway, any ideas on getting triple click to work?

SketchUp Make 2017 is to remain available for download for the foreseeable future…
There are several links to get it, posted in these threads…
As has been the case for many versions Make [and the latest web-based free tool] is for on-commercial use.

There’s a recently announced ‘Shop’ version [web-based], which a somewhat cheaper and offers many of the functions of Pro too…

Back to your triple-click issue.

Sounds like a possible Graphics Card issue.
Try updating the driver [also complete your profile for better advice], or if the driver was recently updated try rolling it back to the previous version.

There have been many similar reports, some also relating to Windows updates etc.
Find out your system details and then search these forum posts

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