Selecting components


I’m new and have run through tutorials 1 to 4. I’m stuck on 4 - which shows how to draw a table - because triple selection of the first drawn leg does not work and the drop down menu doesn’t facilitate selection of just the leg, it only selects the whole object. Any advise please?


Upload your SketchUp file as far as you’ve got it. From the sounds of it you haven’t made any components of the parts you are drawing it. Without seeing your SKP file we can only guess.


I’m sorry but how do I upload my SK file?


Seventh button from the left above the message space.


I don’t know what tutorial you are referring to but I get the impression you were supposed to have made groups or component of all other entities prior to drawing the leg. Triple clicking primitives (edges and faces) selects everything connected to them but triple clicking a group or component doesn’t do anything (well, it opens it on the second click already because that’s what doble clicking groups and components do).


Hi, I’m just following the Sketchup Tutorials as they present themselves on the site; the one I’ve had this problem with is #4 which is drawing a table and so far is introducing you to making a component. Triple clicking is given as the method of selecting the component, which I can’t get to work. I thought it may be something to do with the operating system Windows 10 but I’ve had no suggestions as yet to cure it. So I’ve come to a halt!


Sorry I’ve been away from my laptop. The menu you refer to! …how do I get it?


Which menu are you referring to? I read back through my posts and don’t see any mention of a menu.

Are you looking for the upload button? You need to be logged into the forum here in your internet browser.


Yes, the upload button - I think I’m logged in. This is all very new to me I’m afraid.Terminology may be a problem as well. My drawing is on the Sketchup site of course and its saved. From there how do I upload it?


If you are looking at the this thread in your internet browser, you should see the row of buttons as displayed in my screen shot above when you are typing a reply.

Hmmm… Do you mean the 3D Warehouse? If so, you can provide the link to it. Normally when you hit Save, the file gets saved locally to your computer.


AutoSave_SK Table.skp (139.1 KB)
I think that’s it


OK. Opening it now.


OK. After all that, I’m not quite sure what the problem is. The top is a group. The leg is just a collection of edges and faces. It is not a component, yet.

Triple clicking on the leg geometry should select all connected geometry after which you can hit G for Create Component, type a name and hit Enter.


That’s where things stop. Triple clicking just isn’ t doing anything.


I wonder if this is related to a bad Windows update that was automatically installed on computers a week or so ago.

See the post by @DanRathbun in this thread:


It may be Windows 10 is the problem. In which case I cant get a remedy


Why not?


Well I’ve addressed the problem to Microsoft etc. and no clear resolution


Did you look at the thread I linked to?


No. How do I do that? Oh, and what’s a thread?