How to create/select 3D shapes

I’m new to Sketchup and am trying to make cuboids using the rectangle tool and then push/pull to make the cuboid. After doing this, I thought I could triple-click the shape and then make a group or component, but when I triple-click SketchUp selects everything in the file. What am I doing wrong?

After using the rectangle tool and then push/pull to make it 3D shapes, the select tool seems to want to select individual faces or edges, is there a quick way of selecting all faces connected to each other without double-clicking? A tutorial said that double-clicking would do this, but when I try it Sketchup selects everything in my file.

Triple-clicking on your cube should just select your cube, unless the cube is sitting on another face, then it will select that as well.
What do you mean by “everything in the file” if you are just drawing a cube?
Attach the StetchUp file here so we can have a look at it.

Thanks. I think the issue was that the shape was touching another surface.

Some of the surfaces in my drawing are white and some are grey. I think it might be because some are solid shapes and some are hollow? Is there an easy what to make all the shapes into solids? The drawing looks strange with the surfaces two different colours.

It would help if you share your model file. You can download it to your computer and then drag and drop the file into a reply here.

It sounds like you need to learn about using components and groups. Might start with

Yep, I need to do more tutorials. I did the basic tutorials which covers groups/components briefly, but I need to do the other tutorials now. I managed to do what I was trying to draw but I’m sure I did it the hard way!

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