Select Tool lag issue on Windows 10



found it, the black screen right?
but I guess now idk what is the next step


now run the command below (make sure sketchUp is closed)

“C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\jsonpatcheditor” Preferences WorkaroundDrawXorRectUseGLFlushNotFlushDraw b true

Then type exit and the cmd will close. and finally reopen SketchUp to test


so I just retype all this right?


Yes, copy that command, paste it on the cmd. then hit enter


Okay Man, Thanks A lot, I think its working now, I’m going to keep this so incase it will happen again I know how to fix it!

Thanks a lot!


I’m glad it worked. Just in case, do as @mics_54 said and reboot.


you should try what I just did, see the steps Mercado sent me thrue. it helped


Thats a fix for 2018 I use 2017


i did reboot it like 5 times before that


the fix is for 2018 only


Got it!
Thanks for your response as well.



Hey SketchUp Friends!

This topic has gotten quite long, so I’m going to post a recent message in hopes that it will pop to the top and save a bunch of reading.

If you are experiencing a “slow select tool”, meaning when you select an item it seems to take 5 or 10 seconds to respond then you are feeling the effects of a relatively recent Windows update.

There is a patch (batch file) that solves this issue a majority of the time. Using the link below, you’ll find that script. Please note that this is set at the User Account level so it will need to be set for every user on a given computer. Please download the files here:

The zip file contains a Windows batch file.

Download the file
Shut down SketchUp
Unzip the file and open the unzipped folder.
Right-click on the WindowsSlowSelectionWorkaround.bat script to “Run as Administrator.”
(If you see a pop-up from Windows Defender, click the “more” link and select “Run Anyway”)
Open SketchUp again and see if selecting is more responsive now.

Hope that helps!

Slow Response on Microsoft Service Laptop

New computer with windows 10 and Sketchup was the first software that I downloaded, It had the issue of delayed selecting and it was driving me crazy… This looks like it fixed it really quick! Thank you!


This fix worked for me. Thanks!!!


My system will not upgrade the driver and Chrome blocks the fix… Are there any more possible solutions to the very slow Select Tool?


What is the graphics card in your computer?


I dont know… where do I see it?


Intel HD Graphics 4000?


There are several ways. One is to go to the Control Panel and look at Device Manager>Display Adapters.


Have you tried going to the Intel site directly to get the graphics drivers?