Select tool and issue of walls

i got a msg which said’ newer version available and i said NO as i was working on the newst version. i saved over was the version with my walls and windows. this was a mistake as somehow my version is now not shwing anything in these tags. i have now had to recreate my walls and soon window. (new at this and trying it out for 3rd week now)

so now i want to select my new walls to ‘push pull’ them to 2.4 m. they are not selecting. some of the walls are also coloured and appear to have a different programming. i am soo frustrated. can someone suggest how to proceed, much appreciated.
corfu kitchen.skp (194.8 KB)

Don’t tag raw geometry (edges, faces, arcs, circles) !
(at least until you’ll learn and you’ll know what you do)
Learn about groups/components at

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I fixed the incorrect tagging mentioned by @mihai.s

corfu kitchen.skp (104.6 KB)

hi Dave - you are really quick. there are still two walls sections not responding. the one at the back door - a small squarish section and and wall next to the cupboard as you enter the kitchen from the hall?

You really need to do what @mihai.s suggested and learn to use groups and componnts. Since your cabinets are loose geometry connected to the geometry for the walls, you have what amounts to bad geometry that is preventing the faces being split from the large rectangle. The walls are the simplest part of your model so I would suggest erasing all of those edges and faces leaving just the cabinets. Then make a component of the cabinets after which you can start on the walls.

i did start with my walls, but then somhow lost them and had to remake them after . . . so yes, lots of learning. thank you for your help.

When you’re modeling something like this it might help to consider how it would be built in reality. The way you have your model constructed with all loose geometry, it’s as if the kitchen has been carved out of one big block. That’s not the way they typically build kitchens, though. Normally the walls would be erected as a structure (component or group) and then the cabinets would be installed and they’d be separate components/groups. Here I separated the walls from the cabinets. I made a single object of the cabinets just because it’s faster that way. Depending on how the model is to be used, though, it might make more sense to separate the individual cabinets into components and make the countertops components separate from the casework.

As we discussed last week, based on the way you plan to be using SketchUp, you really ought to just go ahead with SketchUp Pro so you get used to the user interface.

there is still a 650 x 120 wall next to the cupboard as you walk into the kitchen from the hall that is not responding. it was seperate to start with and in a group of its own. i just want to knwo why it is not responding to being selected - making correcting anything very difficult.

At some point you exploded it then becaise there are no groups in your model.

I’m going to suggest that at this point you just start over building the model correctly. That’ll be easier than trying to fix the errors you have.

that is not possible. i have been religious. i made groups then tagged the group components so that i could turn visibility on and off. i am obliviously missing something.

so how can i save my cupboards groups and tags and just delete the floor and walls and redo this only? thanks in advance

Your model shows otherwise. There is one nest group containing a single bottom level group in your model.

All of the rest is loose geometry with incorrect tagging. No groups.

Erase the walls and the rectangle that represents the floor. Select the cabinet geometry and make a group. If you want to separate them into individual groups or components that’ll require more work. After the cabinets are grouped, start modeling the walls.

As for the tags, first select all of the geometry in the model and, in Entity Info, select Untagged to repair the incorrect tag usage.

After that as you create groups or components, give those objects the desired tags.

i took the select tool and pulled it accross the selction. i rt clicked and said make group. then i tagged. i am baffled. if visibility is off of components, my understanding is that these components that are not visible will not group.

you have given me something to work with - for that i thank you. i do not want to throw away 3 weeks of work. i have started over from scratch once already. let me see where i get with your instructions. thank you again. your response service is great.

Good luck with it. If you would spend the time doing what @mihai.s suggested learning about correct use of groups, components, and I’ll add, tags, your modeling process should go much faster. It should take less than an hour to create your model correctly from scratch.

Might also want to read up on “sunk cost”.

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Dave’s advice to redraw everything from 0 is to follow. And to get an idea of what patching the current model you created would entail, you can watch the clip below.

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corfu kitchen.skp (185.0 KB)

so i have started again from scratch.
what i think was happening, is that i thought if i rt clicked something & selected make a group, that it was doing this - AS THERE IS NO CONFIRMATION OF THIS or a place to name your group when this IS happening.

so i have tried to ensure this time that the group is actually forming as it should make an encapsulated area aroound the group.
i would appreciate if someone would check my new plan for groups. i should have as many groups as i have tags - as i have set it up this way for visibility and ease of working purposes.
i highly appreciate the incredible support.
i am out this morning at work but will check back later. tx again.

Yes. With the exception of the bounding box, everything Is in groups. I would make that bounding box into a group as well, just to keep it from accidentally sticking to anything. Safety first :wink:

I think part of your problem might be the difference between a right click, a double click, and a triple click. Yes, you right click to make selected geometry into a group. But that’s the final step after a single, double or triple click.

A single click selects one piece of geometry. If what you’re selecting is not already in a group or component, then one click will only ever get you a single piece of geometry. But if you click a group or component then you will get all the packaged geometry.

A double click on a face will select that one face and it’s connected edges/lines.

A triple click will select all connected geometry that isn’t already in a group.

Sometimes it will look like you have all your geometry selected, but you’re missing a hard to see face. The first screencap shows what looks like two fully selected cubes, ready for grouping… the second shot shows that the first cube is missing sides. If I group these, then I will be leaving that unselected geometry behind, asking to be incorrectly tagged or stick to other.

This is part of why putting things into groups as you go is a great practice, as well as keeping your individual parts separate and easier to work on without the rest of the model getting into the way.

Actually, if grouping is giving you issues, grouping at the 2d stage like this is a good solution. Get it into a container while it’s young and easier to grab :wink:

Just make sure any work you do on that particular group is done when the group is open (dotted lines around your object with greyed out everything else.) otherwise you’re just creating more loose geometry outside the group.

I have faith you will get this. Don’t give up.

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ahh, thank you so much for all your time and input. i really did feel like giving up.
the video posted has also provided huge insight.

yes and the amount of clicks. i obliviously thought i was creating a group but it was not properly selected.
all the importand foundations in place - i shall muster on today!
thank you all for your love and caring shown by your, much appreciated giving.