Select buttlon out of sight

Ive just installed SU make. after highlighting the template I cannot see the select/ execute button to select that template.

The Welcome screen in SketchUp where you highlight to template and click on Start Using SketchUp.
After I gave up and closed the template selection window…another window opened that was the template.
However, How do I prevent that in the future (future panels. tabs) while working on that file?

I don’t understand what it is you are describing. Are you trying to avoid getting the Welcome screen? If so, the only way to do it is buy a license to the pro version. The Welcome screen is a tiny inconvenience for getting SketchUp for free.

And just to be clear, this thread has nothing to do with LayOut. Maybe someone can move it.

Dave its not the welcome screen.

You know how you can increase or decrease textg page size if viewing let’s say an MS Word or powerpoint presentation by simultaneously pressing the ‘clt’ key and mouse scroll down or up?

Thats what i thought would reduce the size of the page window to fit everything that was supposed to be displayed on that page on my monitor so i could see to click the hidden advance/ accept button.

I have a Windows OS 7 home Premium SP1, 64 bit, 15.5 inch Sony laptop model: svE15114FXS with Intel HD Graphics 4000 if that helps.

Thanks, KC

What “hidden advance/accept” button are you referring to? Could you at least post a screen shot. Guessing at this from your unclear descriptions isn’t getting either of us anywhere.

I think that this is a known issue - the dialog with the template selection is of a fixed size and the “OK” button may not be visible on a small laptop screen. Does pressing Enter help?


Thanks Anssi, your tone is much more pleasant than Dave’s.

The way i found a way was by pressing the escape key and though the main/welcome page went away the sketchpad opened up. I dont know if this will keep me from other tools later but for now it seems to suffice.
By the way i have a 15 inch screen and moved it over to a hdmi 22 inch wide extension screen.


The known issue of fixed SU dialog size cutting off parts of dialog text and buttons because of personalized text size has been addressed with several dialogs. If you found a dialog that hasn’t been fixed, it would be nice to know. Can you add a screen shot?

If it is a text-size issue, what is your OS setting under Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Make text and other items larger? I have my computer set to a custom 110% and don’t notice anything unreasonable.

The problem is that the “Start Using Sketchup” botton is invisible, so can’t be clicked.

It is off the bottom of the screen, with no scroll-bars and the window can not be moved up to make the button visible (the menu-bar is already at the top edge). Here is a screenshot showing what it looks like on my laptop:

To make matters worse, Sketchup somehow disables the normal Alt-Spacebar menu which ordinarily would let you use the arrow-keys to push the window upward enough to see the “Start” button.