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Dear All,

I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I am trying to clean up tags that I used for various temporary things. The last one is “Not Roof”. I right click on the tag, select “Select All Tagged”, but nothing gets selected. I have a feeling I am doing something stupid.

So, with the tag on you see:

With the tag off you see:

You right-click (or cntrl-click) and you get this menu:

Select All Tagged

You select the menu item, and nothing happens.

This is on a Mac with the latest update.

Here is the file:

Library v3_1~.skp (4.9 MB)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Sir C.

top group is in loft. inside group is in not roof.

since you didn’t enter the top group, selecting the inside group is impossible :slight_smile:


Select All Tagged works only in the current context.

By the way, you have a bunch of incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 10_25_2023 , 4_12_10 PM

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By the way, the file you shared is a backup file. Note the tilde at the end of the file name. You should investigate what the state of the original working file is to see which one is current.

I purged unused stuff from the file after fixing the tag usage.
Library v3_1 purged~.skp (4.6 MB)

Yup, grabbed the wrong file.

I knew I was doing something fundamentally stupid. And I was right! That is a win for me! Uh…

Dave, as always, thank you. You were a step ahead of me. Someday I will do some work for you. Maybe pull weeds in your garden. I’m going back to MN next summer…

Thank you all for your help, humor and gentleness.


Chip E. Cookie

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You’re quite welcome. I might take you up on the weed pulling. Especially down by the lake. The mullein is really annoying. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Thank you!