How to select items under a tag?

Hy! I have this little problem: I have two tags in my tag lis which I don’t recognize, they may be from some experimentation from importing from Warehouse, I don’t really know.

Thing is, I would like to visually check what exactly is under those two tags but I don’t know how (I am new to Sketchup).

I tried to make everything invisible except those two tags, but I found nothing. I think, maybe they are far from the main model, somewhere I can’t see, soo I tried to zoom out a lot and select everything in my screen but the problem is since the menu is contextual right clicking anywhere does not let me access the ZOOM SELECTION.

I don’t know what to do anymore, so I thought to ask for help here.


Using PC and Sketchup WEB FREE version

Thank you!

Casa Av Parque 3 eletrica.skp (2.1 MB)

It might be that purging the unused tags will take care of them. One thing I noticed is you aren’t using them correctly. Untagged should ALWAYS be left as the active tag. When I opened your file, I see that you haven’t done that.
Screenshot - 11_11_2020 , 7_39_39 PM

I’ve opened it in SU2020 and used an extension to fix your model.
Screenshot - 11_11_2020 , 7_42_16 PM

After correcting the tags so that raw geometry (edges and faces) are untagged, you can purge unused tags by clicking on the button at the bottom of the Tags panel. Compare the next two screen shots.

Screenshot - 11_11_2020 , 7_45_17 PM

Your model shows that you need to spend some time learning about groups and components and the use of tags. Tags do not provide separation between entities. That’s a job for groups and components.

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Here’s another tip. If you select the relevant tag and hit delete, it will only do so if there is nothing in the drawing with that tag applied. If there is, it will ask what you want to do with its contents. If you are worried there might be something of value, you can abort at that stage. You could turn off all tags apart from the rogue one and then see what remains by Zooming Extents. However, that doesn’t always work as you often find yourself staring at a blank screen wondering why SU thinks there is something there. There probably is but you just can’t see it. Maybe it’s too small, maybe it’s hidden geometry, etc.

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DaveR, wooow thanks a lot for that complete response. Lots of stuff to carefully look at. I just came to thank you, but I will have to wait later to sit down and go thru it with more attention.
Thanks a lot

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Thanks for the hints Simon.
Trying to delete clicking on the X on the right side of the name of the tag pop up this message “All entities with this deleted Tag will now receive the current tag (which is untaged)”.

Using the Zoom Extension with your proposed instructions ended exactly like you wrote, staring at a blank screen.

Thank you anyway. Maybe this help me in the future with something else.

That’s what you want to have happen.

A-GLAZ is a standard AutoCAD layer name

MEUBILAIR - could be Dutch for furniture…

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Yes, the system tries very hard not to lose anything, so if you are getting rid of a tag, it follows that something needs to happen to the entities that have that tag. SU therefore suggests giving them whatever tag happens to be current.

Another thing you could do is to make a tag called Quarantine (say), make it active before deleting a tag you don’t want, and then allow all unknown entities from the deleted tag to go into Quarantine. That makes sure nothing ever gets lost inadvertently.