Copying instead of moving

I am trying to move objects of tag: option1 in this file (will upload it in replay) but it copy it. why?

It’s hard to understand what you are doing exactly from your description. Seeing the file will help.

see it in the link of dropbox

when i try to move object such as the bookcase in tag (named option1) it copy it not moving it as single. you get it?

I see that you’ve copied the group of furniture so you have two of them in the the same location. Both have been given the same “option1” tag. Typically that sort of thing happens using Copy and Paste in place. Here I’ve moved one copy outside the room. Exactly what steps did you use to make the second copy of the group?

I also see that you are using tags incorrectly which a bunch of geometry tagged. ALL geometry (edges and faces) should be left untagged. Only groups and components should get tags.
Screenshot - 7_25_2021 , 8_05_55 PM

It would also be a good idea to purge unused stuff from your model once in awhile and correct the face orientation. This reduced the file size by about 78%.
Screenshot - 7_25_2021 , 8_12_23 PM
You should see no blue back faces in your 3D model. You can clean it up by opening the various objects for editing, right clicking on the blue faces and choosing Reverse Faces.

looks it wil took me a while to fix it :sweat:

ok now what to do to fix it the fast way. I really don’t know where to start

I think I should delete the tag: option1 and replace the name of furniture with option1 without the rug of course

I deleted a whole group of the two

I mean one of them

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