How to copy a Tag folder and tag layers in it to another file

I want to copy a model from one file to another file. The source file has the model organized into various tag files with tag layers in them. When I copy the model group from the source file and paste it into another file, only the tag modeling layers appear, not the organizing tag folders they were in. This creates a mess as all the organization of the tag modeling layers are lost. I am looking to preserve this organization when I copy a grouped object from one file to another.

Am I doing something wrong and/or is there a way to move tag folders and there enclosed tag layers to another file??

Why don’t you just copy the whole file to a new name (Save As…) and then edit what you don’t want?

That is a good approach when I have a master start file.

But, more often, I am pulling grouped model parts from different files into one project file – so I cannot always start a project from a file since it will not have everything I need in it already.

For example – I have different architectural building types in different SU files. I also have different context files like city, town, rural, etc., that I use for context. So depending on the project, I select the context file to start and then add to it the building type (start) model from one of the other files. I would need to have dozens of permutations to have every possible combination of a building type and environment to have one start file with all the tags organized into their respective folder tags. . .

That is why I am looking for a work-around to move fairly complex models from their own folders into a new, single folder while keeping their folder tags in place.

Thanks for the through though.

I think I have understood. Here I create three groups, one for each box and one for the combined boxes. I name them Tag1, Tag2, Tag3. I create a Tag Folder for them.

Then I select the main group, copy it and paste it into a new file. The three tags are retained but the folder isn’t.

Seems to be the way it works. I can’t think of a way of copying the folder without using my original suggestion.

Yes – That is exactly the challenge!

It seems like a feature failure of the tags if you cannot move a group with its tag structure completely intact – a model could get messy real fast if it has lots of tag folders with tags in them and then they are lost when copied to a new file.

Thanks for thinking about a work-around!