Copy and paste tag folders?

Is there an extension or a way to copy and paste tag folders? Or to save and load Tag Folder presets? I know how to make a template, but it would be cool to be able to grab a set of Tags.

For example, it’d be cool if I could drag and drop this Quantifier folder set into any project.
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Note: If no one has any suggestions, could this topic be placed in the feature requests category?

You could set up a template that includes all the tags and tag folders so they’d already exist when you start a new project.

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The only other way would be to create a group for each tag you want to “copy” and assign one tag to that group. Once you have at least one group for each tag you can copy the groups, paste them into another file and delete the groups. The tag-structure will have been copied with the groups and will not disappear because the groups have been deleted.

That’s how I do it when I have an existing project and want to “update” it to a new tagging structure without redoing everything.

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Objects do bring their tags with them, but unfortunately tag folders do not copy-paste into a new file along with the tags.

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You appear to be are absolutely right! Dang! :raised_hands:

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Indeed, and I have. But now I need to add new stuff that wasn’t in the template.

New “stuff”? What “stuff”?

New tags. Such as the ones I’ve described.

I’m just trying to figure out how to avoid the tedious repetitiveness of making 80 tags the ol fashioned way.

Add the tags to your template and save it. Then copy the existing file over to a new one using the updated template.