SketchUp Model Tags

For creating tags in SketchUp Pro:
Is there a way to copy a list of tags created in notes and paste it all at once in Tags?

Not natively. But you can try e.g. this extension:
Layers From List | SketchUcation

(I did not tried myself :blush:)

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FYI, I edited the topic title to replace the word “Tgas” with “Tags”.

There is a way without using plugin.
You simply create a file with objects (for example 10 lines). Then create 10 tags (for example), assign each lines to tags one by one. Save the file.

In file you are working, just import that file so all 10 tags will be imported included 10 lines (delete them after import).

Thank you!

Ah, ok, thank you :joy:

I know about this one. But I didn’t wanted to copy the tags from one SketchUp file to another, but from a regular text to a SketchUp file.
Also, if you want to use a certain grouping convention from a SketchUp file to another, if I’d do it the way you said, the tags will not be in the right folders.
Instead, I would copy the whole file and just delete what’s in it and use it as a template. It’s also faster.
Thank you tho.

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If you want to use plugin, I’ll suggest an upgrade version of Curic LA (free plugin in Extension Warehouse) still in Beta with these new features:

  1. Tag States

  2. Export/Import Tags, included Tag Folder from a file into another file. This import will override textures and attributes if there is a same tag exist

  3. Tag Mapping

Because it’s still in Beta, I leave it here and will be back to mention you (if you have interested) when it comes to available for download.

@Cyentruk That would be great. Thank you.

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Or simply create your own template once.