Default tags list

Hello! So Im new to tags (just started using them) and I can see one thing that would speed up my workflow.

Is there any way to make a list of TAGs that would be set as default? So every time I start a new project, those tags are already created for me?

In every project I do have the same tags - steel, wood, walls, ceiling etc. So every time I create a new project I need to repeat the same steps. So?


Make a blank model and add your list of tags. Save this as your default template. You can also put whatever general style settings, units, etc. you prefer in there.

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Set up the Tags you desire in a new model.
Then save it as a Template.
Set that Template to be used for any new models [in Preferences]

Your own template can also have other things preset.
Like the preferred Model Units, some default scene-tabs, some often-used styles, etc…

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Loving it! Thank You!

If you want to be able to add tags (previously known as Layers) from a standard list then take a look at Layer Manager, you can also create your own list to pick from. Super useful.

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