Copy and Pasting…..Continuity!

Here is something I have come across……when you have a model and you have set up all your tags and you have also set up tag folders and all of your tags are in different tag folders and you want to copy part of the model so you turn off a few of those tags and you select what you want to copy and do a copy.

You then start a new model from scratch and you paste the stuff into the new model, it takes all of the tags without issue, but the tag folders go away. I find this annoying as hell. We organize a model for a reason.


Thanks, Dana. Noted.
I don’t know how easy or difficult it would be to preserve tag folders when copy/pasting…
So in the meantime, as a workaround, I wonder if instead of copying the stuff you want to keep and pasting that into a new file, you could instead duplicate the entire file, delete the stuff you don’t want, and then purge unused?

I know that, but it’s just way more steps to do so, where there should either be a copy and paste that works or an insert command that allows you to insert or import SketchUp files into your models like 3D warehouse does.