Need some help with Export tagged 3D model

Hi everyone

Got stuck with my 3D models a bit. I created tags for my structure (small building) to be able to choose between different options.

First question is that can I add a command that in 1 tag folder only single tag can be shown, as soon you choose another one, the previous tag will be hidden automatically.

Second question is that would this tagged (with folders) 3D model be converted to any other file format that would work on the website as it works in SketchUp? I tried in 3D warehouse and different formats in and and can’t figure out how to get the tags to work there.

I use SketchUp Pro 2022.


Zeref, I believe the functionality you are looking for here is in the combining of Tags and Scenes. Tags in Sketchup are all about visibility. If you need a scene with one option for your structure showing and not another, you only need tag the parts/options correctly and then create however many scenes you need for each option and then turn off the tags/options you don’t want visible for each scene. These scenes can then be “printed” or exported out of Sketchup or linked to a Layout file for presentation drawings.

Can’t comment on the second part…other pro’s will probably chime in on that.

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