Sketchup - Importing/exporting sketchup file properties to other files (tag folders, scenes, etc):

Currently, when one creates a tagged structure comprising of tag folders and nested tags within a Sketchup model, the layout the person created of the tagged structure in that sketchup file, cannot be carried over to another sketchup file seamlessly.


The issues below are based on this example: Multiple sketchup template files that all share the exact same tagging structure setup but where each sketchup file contains entirely different scenes and tag visibility settings, in my case I have this issue with my construction detail templates. Read the issues below:

  • A tagging system of tag folders and nested tags in one file cannot be carried over to another file. One option is to copy paste objects that are tagged from one sketchup file and paste in place to another sketchup file, however the user must create tag folders manually again in the new sketchup file and reorganize carried over tags back into the correct folder position. For templating purposes where tags are sent to other files (tag folders are useless currently because tag folders must be recreated manually and the carried over tags must now be reorganized into the folders.

  • Scenes cannot be seamlessly carried over to another sketchup file due to no plugin (such as @eneroth3 view memory) or native capability supporting the importing/exporting of scenes between sketchup files that also work with and recognize tag folders. Eneroth view memory allows importing and exporting of scenes but because the plugin does not currently save or recognize tag folders, a user cannot import/export sketchup scenes to another file that rely on tag folders being the control of visibility and not the tags themselves… This essentially means currently there is no way of using tag folders and importing/exporting scene structures to other sketchup files. I’ve asked eneroth to update the plugin to work with tag folders a year ago, and still nothing, however I think this is something sketchup needs to do personally speaking…

Sketchup needs the ability to allow users who rely on this program for work and attempting to be efficient while using it, to import/export scenes and or tags or other sketchup file properties to other files seamlessly without manually recreating/reorganizing the tag or scene setup or properties created by the user. The crossover options between sketchup file properties to other sketchup files currently does not exist and it’s frustrating that in 2022 the programs are still so manual in regards to template setups.


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If you are using templates that already have everything preset, why would you need this specific feature?

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Because like many templates used for things, some can grow or shrink occasionally, or regularly over time. Having the ability to share properties from 1 Sketchup file to others all at once for example can have huge time savings in the long run, depending on how often the templates are updated. This may seem small with just this one example, but over time, the more manual a program, the more that lost time really starts to add up. Of course, anything can always be better. I’m just shocked that Sketchup still can’t share scene and tag structures very well between other sketchup files. It’s horribly manual right now and super annoying/a time suck where I have dozens of templates or any other user with their own template setups.

This use case goes beyond just templates, it’s also a pain potentially for collaborating purposes where I might want to share tag structures and scenes structures to other files, specific scenes for example used in another file I’m collaborating on with someone. I can think of a number of useful use cases here where all cases collectively save significant amounts of time and headache for the person using these programs.

I still don’t understand why one would have a workflow like that. It sounds terribly complicated and inconsistent. Consistency is the key to a strong workflow regardless of the project type.

I do mainly custom residential, but I’ve done commercial and public works projects and didn’t change the process.

I used to work for a large firm doing very large scale projects. Even back then with ACAD, the drafting team had a set workflow utilizing templates.

If you are looking to copy/paste things like that, I think you are missing the point of a proper template structure. Do other drafting programs do this?

Hey Nic, I think this one makes more sense to me to message you about directly because I can see their are a lot of assumptions being made here. I will just say here publically, that my system is certainly not too complicated and I do believe that sketchup could improve on making these programs less manual with regards to templates and their properties of scenes, etc and carrying those things over to other models…

My apologies for not being more clear.

My comment wasn’t about your workflow. It was about a workflow that would rely on copying scenes and tags between 2 files. It implies to me, that templates are either not being used or the templates are not at a refined stage.

Scenes are based upon a camera position, not an object, so even if copied, you still have to reposition and update the scene Tags from one file can already be transferred by simply importing the model with the tags you want or copying and pasting an element of a model containing the tags you want.

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