Possible to export and import all tags from a project?

Is it possible (and if so, how?) to export tags from a project (into a CSV, JSON, or TXT file) and import into another project?

I think there’s a plugin from TIG that lets you export the names of the tags, if you want to copy the tags from one file to another you can copy objects with the different tags in the other file and automatically all the tags from the objects you’ve pasted will be part of the new file.


Not natively, but yes.

on the top right of the forum there is a search bar, and a quick trip there gave me this :

in this thread, Tig mentions their extension that does just that.
Plus someone gives a script.
and another person gives a pair of scripts that can export / import.

I would like to point out that the mentioned scripts only manage one-level tag folders (only the folders that are direct children of the layermanager) and do not take into account that the folder names can be the same.

There is currently no “official” way to import tag folder structures (eg merge folders with the same name, or decide whether the imported folder should be new or merge with the existing one…).
The freedom to allow folder names to be non-unique, do have a “price”: makes it terribly difficult to create a proper generic import/merge rule for tag folders from one model to another. I assume this is why the SU team doesn’t provide it.

Currently, each plugin developer can provide what they think is the best way to import, which will likely vary from developer to developer.

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Yes, here 's my plugin, you can export and import tags to Excel, included Tag 's colors and line types.
It’s free.
5D+ SketchUp (lemonsqueezy.com)

It has sample tool working with tags and materials in nested groups, too.

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Can’t you just delete all geo from a copy of original file, then purge the file except tags and use it as starting point?

I may be missing the point, but I don’t understand the workflow that needs this. Importing tags will just bring in their names. They won’t be applied to anything. So you will have to work through the model to find each thing that wants a particular tag and apply it. Compared to that, the work to add a tag manually is insignificant.

When you often working in a workflow with tags system, you’ll need to import tag from a template for easy apply them to entities. Sometime, when we purge tags, unused tags gone, then we need to import again.

So I wrote an extension when you import tags, it not just brings in the name, but also line style, color, and even texture of tag. It can override the attributes of tags if they have same name, it can map exist tags to import tags also, so you don’t need to apply entities to imported tags.