Export and Import Tag's (was layers)


I did use in the past the export layers extension, from TIG. But nowadays there are multilevel Tag’s. Is there an extension that does that? Exporting and Importing Tag’s and their folders, so I can import it the same way as it was exported?

Thank you.

So, I understand this is not possible?

My Import/Export Layers tools will work with the newer named ‘Tags’ [as the API still calls them ‘layers’], but it doesn’t keep the multilevel structure of nested tags - sorry…
I’ve no plans to update it anytime soon as I’m overly busy on other things…

Thank you for your reaction.

As I always use the same tag structure based on the IFC one, the following script allows to reclassify the tags in the right folder.
You just have to adapt it to your needs with a text editor and then paste it in the Ruby console, waiting for a cleaner and more powerful development.

script_tags.txt (718 Bytes)

Thank you very much!!

I can work this out.

Again - Thank you.

Hi here are two scripts one to export tags and folder structure. and one to import into a new file.
Import Tags and folders.rb (654 Bytes)
Layer Export.rb (757 Bytes)


Hello, I’m new to Ruby scripting. Is there something similar to this but that exports the geometry for each tag into a different SKP or DWG file?