Tag folders

hi there,

while starting to work with sketchup 2021 i found a few problems…

  1. saving a file with tag folders for legacy/compatibility reasons back to a prior version > does not work… i mean you can open the file in older skp versions but hidden tag folders and tags cant be unhidden?!

  2. when there are 2 instances of sketchup open and you copy paste stuff, the tag folders should be moved together with the contect i think?! the whole idea of the tag folders is not to have layers like m_roof m_walls etc… but a tag folder model and inside tags like roof wall etc… but when copy pasted this inforamtion is lost and the chaos is complete :confused:

  3. also - what sense do tag folders have when in the dropdowns of the entity dialog and the “tag” panel the folders are not respectively shown … at least having the tag-tree and sorting there in some kind of way would be normal i think

i hope this gets fixed in the next release :slight_smile:
best, franz

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As to 1: Tag folders is a new feature of SketchUp 2021 so if you save to an older format they will be lost.

from what I understood the grouping would be lost, the tags themselves should not be lost

with all respect for the devs and everything, if there is a feature to save for older versions, that should be compensated for… otherwise its not a feature but a bug and the option should be removed or at least a “hint” being given that tag folders are not supported when saving to older versions and hence the user should removce them…


Working on a very large Master file it is very useful to be able to save a component and work on it separately. The new Tag folder ability is one of the best introductions for a long time.
However adding Tag Folders etc and generally tidying things up does not import the new Tag layout when Reloading the component into the master file. Big dissapointment.