Problems with Tag Folders

Since SketchUp introduce the Tag Folder feature, which was an excellent idea, the workflow around it is unfortunately not very efficient and a few amelioration needs to be done in order to make them fully useful. Here’s my list of “problems” with Folder Tags that make this feature not “ready yet” for me:

1- There’s something wrong with the drag n’drop movement. It’s somehow too sensitive and very often, instead of simply selecting a tag, I move it outside of its folder. The procedure of reverting this gesture can be very annoying. It happens to me several times a day. (See post link below)
2- Every time you open a file, the collapse and expand stage is reset. That’s a bummer when you work with multiple folders and tags.
3- You can’t copy tag folders from file to file! This lack, by itself, makes the tag folder feature NOT READY, IMHO.
4- (Point about tag, not folder) When changing the colour of a tag, we should have access to a colour library instead of creating a custom colour every single time.
5- (To complete point 4.) Tag colour should be able to be picked or edited on multiple tags simultaneously.
Not show stoppers but 6-7 could be nice features:
6- Be able to delete multiple tag folders simultaneously.
7- Be able to delete tag folders with or without their tags. (with a popup question)