Tag drag n'drop too sensitive

This is an odd one. Just installed SU2021 and every 4 or 5 times I try turning on/off a tag into a folder, the tag move outside of the folder. I know it’s because I “slightly” move my mouse when I click but this seems just too sensitive. At least the undo can fix it quickly. Am I alone? Has anyone got that weird “diva” problem?

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I have seen that happen, and did report it as a problem.

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Thanks Colin :slight_smile:

This problem starts to drive me insane! at the point that I find Tag Folder unusable! I’ll start using it back when they will fix the problem.

Haven’t used tag folders much but this did happen to me recently.

At first I thought I must have inadvertently deleted the tag.

UPDATE I just installed 2021.1 and unfortunately, those two problem hasn’t been
fixed! :frowning_face:

I have also had this issue happen quite often. It’s incredibly frustrating especially after spending so much time organizing tags and tag folders.