Tag errors when converting file from SU 2020 to 2021

After multiple prompts, I installed Sketchup 2021, and opened an ongoing project in it. I did a bit of work, and saved the file (BIG mistake!).
After saving, I discovered issues with my tags - some components that are assigned to one tag (“roof structure”) are only visible when a different tag is made visible (“walls”). In fact one component appears to exist in 2 different tags, though it is clearly assigned to one tag.
Also, I appear to not be able to change which tag is active, so I cannot hide that tag, though it is possible that I just don’t know how to do that in the new version.
I REALLY don’t want to have to start this project over. Please, Trimble; there are many billable hours here.

It sounds to me as if you may have a fundamental problem with incorrect tag usage.

Untagged should be left active at ALL times. You should not be making different tags active. That said, you probably need to make the tray a little wider so you can see the pencil icon on the far right of the Tags panel.

I expect you don’t need to start the file over. You just need to straighten it out. Can you share the file so we can see what you’ve got going on?

Our home 2 gable.skp (196.0 KB)

Thank you Dave, yes I see the “active” box now that I made the toolbox wider. Here is the model

As I suspected, you are using tags incorrectly. Untagged should always be left as active. And because of that you really shouldn’t need to access that pencil icon so you could leave the tray narrow. Only groups and components should get tags while the geometry remains untagged.

Here I’ve reset the geometry back to Untagged as it should be.
Screenshot - 1_28_2021 , 3_15_22 PM

You also have a lot of reversed faces to fix.

Here’s the model file.
Our home 2 gable.skp (162.5 KB)

I can now see that some of sub-components (ie. faces) within my components are not assigned to the same tag as the component itself. I suppose this is due to me not having the “untagged” layer set as active. fair enough. my mistake
It’s strange that none of these issues showed up until I opened in in SU2021

If you just leave Untagged as active and only give tags to groups and components, there’s never a need to be chasing the tags. When you edit a component or group you’ll be working with the untagged geometry.

Well, this thing with keeping Untagged as active at all times is not new. It’s exactly the same “rule” that existed for layers going all the way back to the beginning of SketchUp.

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Thank you, Dave, I’ll try working with that! I appreciate your help.

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Can I ask how you did that?

I cheated and used a plugin written by TIG to do it. I mostly do that to get the report to show what got fixed. It’s called Default Tag Geometry and is available from SketchUcation. You can also triple click on each group or component and change the tag assignment for the selected geometry in Entity Info.

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There is no reason for edges and faces in a component to have the same tag as the component itself. If you turn off visibility for the tag on the component, all its contents will be non-visible regardless of what tags they use. Think of it like having the contents in a box and then disappearing the box. On the other hand, if the contents have some other tag and it is non-visible, you can get confusing situations where not all of the contents show when you make the component’s tag visible. The best practice is to leave all edges and faces untagged regardless of where they are. Even nested groups or components should be untagged unless you are really sure you understand what you are doing.

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