My Sketchup Pro 2021 Tags window doesn't work like the one from Sketchup fundamentals Course 9

Hi i am Paulo From Lisbon, I am in the middle of fundamentals course in 9 lesson and I am unable to do what is suppose to do because the windows are diferente and no possibility to the lesson.

In your first screen shot you show that you’ve made the tag called Floor 1 active (pencil icon). Untagged should always be the active one as shown in the tutorial video. Make Untagged active and you should be able to proceed.

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Also, although it should make no real difference, you have re-ordered your tags in descending order. That might confuse you if you are trying to follow a tutorial with them in ascending order (which would be more normal).

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General rule of thumb for beginners and %99 of all regular uses. Don’t move the pencil.

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Thanks everyone, but I’m stuck.

That is the entity info window. A separate pallet. Window>Entity Info

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Thanks, done!!
Muito obrigado :pray:

De nada. :+1:

Olé, olé!