Sefaira web not recognizing all floors

The Sefaira web app is not recognizing all of the floors in the model. The SU model is simplified and I have reviewed two other cases on SU community forum with no solution. The SU Sefaira plug-in app calculates total floor area correctly per what is tagged, but the web app does not recognize the upper floors at all in the zoning calcs.

SU model here.
677-23-0207 SpankerEnergyModel redo2.skp (575.1 KB)

Any help here from Sketchup/Sefaira Support? Not ideal for a paid product that we cannot get help or a solution.

Did you try to orient the faces correctly (white outwards)?

And to group the entire raw geometry?
And add materials?

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A couple of recommendations:

  • The floor surfaces on the outside, we will want to tag them as roof instead. Otherwise Sefiara will try to condition that area that is on the outside.

  • Second, in the conversion of the geometry to the energy model on the Web application, Sefaira seems to be dropping two floors because they are on a slightly different Z plane (height).

I would imagine that if you were to bring these floors at the same level (1 to 3) and (2 to 4), then that should solve the model interpretation on this model. (Without sacrificing the analysis results)

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