Floor area reading incorrectly

After loading my model into the web app, my building is coming in extremely small. I have a 90,000 sf multifamily project, which reads correctly in the plug-in. Aft er uploading to the web app, it shows as 1,144 sf

I don’ t know the steps you took but you can resize your model to exact dimensions using the ‘Tape Measure’ tool.
Measure an edge you know the length off → type the actual length and [Enter] →answer with Yes to finish resizing the model.

Thanks, but this is specific to the sefaira web app. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. The model itself is correctly proportioned, measures correctly, and sefaira plug-in measures it correctly. When i upload it to the sefaira webapp, the square footage is off.

What are your general settings?


can you upload the .skp file?

524-20-0521 - PC.skp (607.2 KB)

I spotted the same, mus be something simple… Usually, I ping @niraj.poudel :slight_smile:

Thank you @MikeWayzovski. Hi @jessejcrupper, I’m unfortunately out of office until June 8th and do not have access to a computer right now to check the model. Hopefully some of my colleagues will be able to check what might be going on. In the meantime have you clicked/ toggled the “floor” radio button under the “entity types” to isolate the floors in your model? Doing so typically gives us hints as to what might be going on.

In the web app >> under the “zoning” tab is where you can check the floor designations as well.

I know more or less nothing about Sefaira, but when I look at the model I see a 522 square feet figure (same as your screen shot), which seems to be the zone area of the first floor and third floor added together. The other floors have zero (or very small) zone square feet.

Is there something you can change to make all of the floor area of each floor be what defines the zones?

You are onto something here. Some of my balconies created some small slices of floor, so I’ve simplified it and will re-run. It doesnt seem to be recognizing a couple floors that are tagged correctly and “facing” up.

@jessejcrupper In the meantime could you upload your most recent model here and share the project that you have uploaded the model to using the “share project” button with niraj@sketchup.com? I’d like to take a quick look to see what might be going on.