Sefaira Web App - EUI & ARCH 2030

Using various test model, across a wide range of building forms, I cannot get the Sefaira Web App to show an EUI below that required to meet ARCH 2030 Challenge. Sefaira shows ARCH2030 EUI compliance in the Sketchup App, but after uploading to the Sefaira Web App, EUI skyrockets and there is literally nothing that can be done to lower it. This seems to be across a wide range of building forms, even those with optimized skin-surface-to-floor-area ratios and window glazing ratios.

(Sketchup model is verified as error free when uploading to WebApp)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @mlutz, I believe what is happening is that the Sefaira plugin uses a “one zone per floor” setting when analyzing your project inside of SketchUp.

And once you upload your project to the web application it defaults to a “basic perimeter/core” zoning.

If you were to revert the Zoning back to “One Zone per Floor” in the web application you should see parity in results between the plugin and the web application.

A note to keep in mind is that the web application will give you a lot of control around how your building is actually zoned and what each space uses are. More so than what you can customize in the plugin. Keeping that in mind you should be able to try out different options to drive your EUI lower.

Hope this helps.