I can not Upload Project to Sefaira

Always when i want to upload my Project to Sefaira it do not works.
I have tried many times with different Wifi.
My project is also only 77qm, so I do not think that it is very big file.
Can someone please help me?

Thank You

Sefaira works best with a shell and minimum geometry.
Are you importing from Revit and then using Sefaira from within?

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Hi @chitiashvilinatia, thanks for reaching out. Before we move to sharing the model, can you confirm that you have followed the Sefaira modeling guidelines for Revit?

  1. Have you generated the views?
  2. Checked both the “Daylight analysis” and “Energy Analysis views”?
  3. Ensured that the exterior walls have the function type “Exterior” and the interior walls have the “Interior” function type?
  4. All the surfaces that are not a part of the conditioned space correctly tagged as either “Shading” or “Ignore”?

If you have followed the modeling guidelines then could you please share a screenshot of the Sefaira view templates here?

In the event that you are trying to upload to the web interface via SketchUp, then I would like to ask if you have followed the Sefaira for SketchUp modeling guidelines? As @MikeWayzovski mentioned, you will have to model the building with minimal geometry. In SketchUp, the building walls, floors, roofs and windows will be modeled with single planes so that your model is nimble and can be iterated on quickly and can get the relevant results (Energy & Daylight) at the earliest of stages of design, when your design decisions have the maximum impact on performance. .

Either way please let me know what platform you are using to upload the geometry to the web application and provide some screen shots to us when you get the chance.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

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