Sefaira Baseline settings

I am not sure I understand how the Sefaira default baselines are supposed to work, and was hoping someone might be able to help.

When I set up a model for example a residential project in climate zone 2 and select ASHRAE 90.1 - 2019 as the default Baseline. I would expect the initial settings to reflect the min. standards i.e. R-8 wall insulation and R-20 roof insulation similar to what is documented for other ASHRAE standards here

But the initial setting is R2 wall insulation and R1.25 for roof. What generates the default settings for the Baselines, and why are they seemingly so low ?

Hi @nnevels, I suspect you are currently running the plugin in Metric units?

If you were to click on the cog/gear wheel to the top right corner of the extension you should be able to switch the units to Imperial.

Could you give that a go and let me know if the inputs are in line with what you expect?

No that does not appear to be the issue, see the attached image. I am in Imperial units, but the preset ticks and resultant R values are simply out of whack. I am getting R18 for a floor slab and uninsulated walls and roofs. I can go in and adjust the baseline to what I need it to be obviously, I am just trying to understand why the default preset is giving me these initial numbers.

Hi @nnevels, yeah I checked against the ASHRAE 90.1 - 2019 numbers and the settings do not seem to match with what the baseline is at. Let me check with our dev team and see if it is accidentally is picking up the metric numbers instead of IP. Something definitely is not adding up.