Annual Lighting Cost

I have made a calculation for an appartment and when I set the lighting power density to “0” the result of the energy calculation is still 5935 kwh/year ? What did I do wrong ? I think the overall (lighting+equipment) electricity use for an appartment of this size is max. 5000 kWh/year

The density value is ‘set’ in this ‘Baseline’ concept. You can use this value to analyze response curves:

It assumes a usage from 10-50%.
If you want to set it to another value, you need to hit the green update logo in the upper left:

Better yet is to clone the current one (hit the blue + ‘Copy your active concept…’), then change the value and start to compare.

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OK, but when i set the electricity and lighting to “0” I should not have any energy consumation. (only fan power for the ventilation unit ? Or am I forgetting something ?)

How can the annual Net electricity use be 11836 kWH when there’s no use of electricity ?

Lighting= the use of electrical lights
Equipment=the use of equipment besides the HVAC (this is all dependant on usage, eg. an office has some computers and printers running, while a resident has a tele and washing machine etc.)

I think you have to turn or set ventilation to ‘manual’:

In order to use a different Baseline, eg. Nederlands Bouwbesluit, I think you have to enter some values manually, as well @niraj.poudel , could you show us how? Or is this done in the plugin?

When i change the settings to natural ventilation, the total energy increases to 23765 kWH, the electricity remains 8700 kWH…
I’m aware theres electricial consumption by lighting / washing machines / cookers but that cannot be more then 5000 kWh in an appartement from that size.

What is the endgoal here? If you set temperature lower or occupance to zero and everything else, you may not enter (or leave) the building?
My guess is that the baseline isn’t correctly.

I’m calculating a building with offices/warehouse and one appartment, when i made a seperate calculation for the appartment I saw the annual electricity consumption is ± 10000 kWH. This is to much for an appartement of this size 250 m²; The I set the values of power and lighting on “0” en the annual consumption stays 8700 kWh/year. Where does this energy comes from is my question ? Can this be answered ?

Hi @d.vangestel, my first impression is that the space use is not connected to your zones properly. I therefore always recommend that you >> create a template >> and make sure that the zones are pointing to that template in the “Zoning” tab.

For example:

Create your space use template with Zero (0) LPD

Second, have all your floors/zones point to this template. (Remember that you can have different templates for different zones, but in this instance because you want Zero LPD, lets have all the floors/zones point to the “No LPD” template)

Could you give that a go and check to see if you still see lighting loads in your output?

In addition, if you could also share the https: link to your project then @MikeWayzovski and I can have a better understanding of your project set up as well.

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HI @MikeWayzovski & @d.vangestel,

As far as setting up a local baseline goes you have two options:

  1. You can set the values of your baseline under the “properties” dropdown in the plugin.

Once you make the necessary changes and click on the empty box (bullet point 1), you will have the option of saving this baseline and once you do, it will always be a part of your extension (until you delete the baseline of course).

So everytime you upload your model while it has your baseline selected all the properties will carry over to the web interface automatically.

  1. The second option is to manually set the values in the web app and keep that project as your “template” project. Anytime you upload a model you can upload it to that project which already has the baseline values set up.

Hope this helps?

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