Sefaira - forgot password/username or account deactivated



Forgot username/password:

If you have been signed up for a license of Sefaira but have either lost or did not receive the Sefaira welcome email for setting your license password, take the following steps:

  1. Visit - this is where you login to your Sefaira projects page
  2. Click the Forgot Password link
  3. Enter your email address to submit a password reset. You should receive an email with instructions for setting a new password. Check your spam/trash folders if you do not receive it.

Your username is your email address.

This is also outlined in the Sefaira Knowledgebase:

Account deactivated:

Student accounts are deactivated once a class using Sefaira has ended. Reach out to your professor to activate your student account if you are in a class that is actively using Sefaira. Do not reach out to Sefaira support.

Commercial users are managed by a Sefaira administrator at your firm. If you are unsure of who your Sefaira admin is, reach out to



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