Seeking Roof Type Name for SketchUp Design

Hello SketchUp Community,

I’m eager to learn how to design this specific roof style (images attached) using SketchUp, but I’m unsure what it’s called. The roof appears to be similar to a hip roof, but it’s unique in that the ceiling beneath it is curved rather than flat. Can anyone help me identify the name of this particular roof type?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

It doesn’t look like it’s curved on the underside to me. I expect it’s more like this in cross section.

As to the exact name of that style of roof, I don’t know. Might also depend on locality.

Here’s a site that seems to call it a Combination roof.

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Looks sort of East Asian or Malaysian to me.
Wikipedia calls it a Bonnet roof.


Probably right. I expect that sort of roof wouldn’t work that well here in Minnesota. I can see huge ice dams forming in the winter.

How about a Sprocket-ed Roof ?

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It looks not unlike a side view of a Japanese Shikoroyane roof.

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