Seeking info on Exporting skp to other file types



Hey All I am just throwing this out there and looking for an answer to a problem. A friend and I are working to get S-Up models into a game ~ Armma 3 as a mod. We are feeling our way through the process and learning as we go. Lots of errors and persistence…

We keep getting added geometry after exporting out of Sketch Up. Example: a basic face is grouped, exported as a 3ds file opens in Oxygen 2. Armma’s editing tool for converting files / textures and UV mapping. It shows the 4 vertices, edges and the face can be selected.
As soon as we cut an opening for a door or a window it includes 2 to 3 more vertices, along with the 4 that are produced with the rectangular shape.
It has to happen when exported and wondering if anyone knew a bit more about the options when export out of S-Up. Screen shots show this in a simple grouped cube…

We can get a S-UP model into Blender as a Collada, OBJ or 3Ds and when we export out as a 3Ds. to Oxygen2. We get rejected as it is missing something called KFDATA section… we are guesting it is the equivalent to the metadata containt in an HTML document. The library and road map needed by the configuration file. To reconstruct the model.

I figured I would throw this into the fire here and maybe someone had info or a push toward more info on the exporting features S-Up offers. I am very familiar with Sketch Up and it is a great modeling tool for the buildings needed in scene. We need Oxygen to apply the Physics, LOD’s ~ these set all the perimeters, limits and controls for all the scripts. As the wrapper protects and contains the elements of S-UPs components and groups. The LOD (level of detail) establishes the bounding box around the games elements that are interactive.

For two guys with a wild hair up our ars’s we have gotten really close. The main thing is with a whole city block of houses, every door and window involved. Adding these extra triangles will add to so much UV mapping and is something we are looking to avoid…
Anyone with any help to offer please chime in… it is very cool to see a house you build in the actual game!!! we added fire control and put two clips from an AK-47 through it. VERY COOL adventure and looking to continue with it.
Thanks for your ear and hope someone could provide any info or just an word of inspiration… this is VERY difficult but the rewards are awesome. Thanks Sketch Up!!!


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