Model's lowest parts close up when exported to stl


I am making a rather flat model, with a higher border. When transformed to stl., the lowest parts close up, no matter what I’ve fixed or change so far. I am loosing my nerves, but can’t change design as it is in form of some logo.
It looks like this:

Can someone please help me?


Are you able to post the original SketchUp model for testing?


Yes of course:)
NOGA.skp (1.5 MB)


I’m unable to reproduce this. What export and import units are you using?
I notice however that your model have very small edges around 1mm or less. This is very close the precision limit in SketchUp and might cause unexpected results.


I’m using milimeters.
I’ve also tried with an enlarged model (like 5 times bigger), but problems were the same.


The SKP is going to cause issues.
It has many tiny bits of geometry which are probably beyond SketchUp’s tolerance limits.
It has some reversed faces - especially around the ‘text’.
I grouped it and Entity Info does not report it as ‘solid’ !
Also thomthom’s Solid-Inspector shows hundreds of issues.
These will prevent it from exporting successfully - the STL expects a manifold solid.
You need to use Xray-mode and Section-Planes to access parts of the model and remove internal partitions and generally tidy it up …


O dear :confused: So I have many things to do now.
Well, thank you very much all for your advices and help!