Export to 2d *.skp file

Does anyone know if there’s a plugin that can export a SU-view / scene to a flat/2d *.skp file??? This can be a real gamechanger for working with Layout and the way you can work with 2d parts in 3d components. If this does not exist is there anyone who thinks he/she can write this code?
I’m willing to pay for this…:wink:



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This is almost what I’m looking for, but I can’t make groups or instances flat. You’ll first have to explode them…But thanks anyway!!!

Or go inside of the group or component and flatten it there. Another option is to cut a section slice and export it to DWG. Then it cuts through everything, even groups and components. But I imagine that won’t help much either as if you have a building with multiple floors or a roof you’d have to do multiple sect cuts then merge them together.

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I tried everything! But if you only can export a scene to a 2d, flat *.skp file then Sketchup (in combination with Layout) will be a complete suite to make construction drawings etc…

I’m not sure I fully understand, but when you have a parallel (2D) view of the SU file in Layout, that can be exported as a pdf, dxf effectively giving you that 2D file?

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No, that doesn’t work in the way I want it. It’s so simple!! I just want a flat / 2d image of a Sketchup view (scale 1:1) wich I then can import in Sketchup OR Layout. That’s all. Complex plans/sections of buildings are impossible to dimension in LO unless you explode them in LO (make them flat). If you can export a scene from SU to a separate *.skp file and then import in LO it’s an ease to work with. In this way LO becomes a pleasure to work with in stead of being irritating.