Exporting dwg files to engineer

I am trying to figure out what is the best process to export just the floor plan line work to the engineer as dwg file. After making a model, I make a group from slice. This gives me the floor plan of the house in 2d as a group. I can then go in and make it graphically more pleasing. I save this as view and then us it in Layout to do my dimensioned floor plan. My question is can I export only this line work to the engineer as a DWG file? If I do file - export doesn’t it take the whole sketch up file and export it as a dwg or can I just export only the floor plan line work? What is best practice?

I don’t know if this is the best way, but it’s a way (maybe someone will come up with something better).

Right-click your slice group and Make Component. Then right-click the new component and Save As… This will save the component as a .skp file, which you can then open by itself and export.


Thanks Gully,
That seems to work easily and quickly.


The currently active section can be exported directly (File menu>Export>Section slice). It is not even necessary to create a group first.

Usually the floor plan also includes the items visible below the horizontal section plane but not cut by it. That is why the standard way to produce a floor plan is to create the horizontal section plane, select top view, set your camera to Parallel projection and export a 2D view to DWG to full scale (or save the view as a scene and take it to LayOut to add annotations, and export from there).



Actually I have just been tasked with the same request and I am certainly no fan of DWGS.

But in examining various export options I think the EXPORT 3D / Dwg option from the SU model is the best

The reason is that it seems to export / respect your -

SU Layers
SU components / groups
SU Text
SU dimensions

Accordingly - Plans., elevations and sections can all be setup in paperspace viewports to replicate LAYOUT and your DWG based consultants can overlay their work to their hearts content.

As you have exported the entire 3D model they cannot complain about not having the information they need and any competent Autocad jockey should be able to structure / present it to meet their needs.

One downside - Circles and curves are still segmented [TRIMBLE needs to fix this export limitation]

It seems you’re missing something…

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Sorry to come to this so late. I’m a newbie to SU Pro and trying to export a fairly large renovation model to dwg for an AutoCad user. When I do that, the export starts but Sketchup crashes unceremoniously after a few seconds. No file appears in the destination folder at all. Same result for dxf. I gather from the previous posts that it can be done; is there some trick to it?