Exporting DWG to Trades & Engineer - SketchUp or Layout?

Hello All.

I have been asked to supply my DWG files by the HVAC/Plumber.
I am not familiar with AutoCAD so I am not sure what files to export and if it should be from my construction plans in LayOut or from my model in SketchUp?

Do I export each of the pages separately that they are requesting from LayOut?

Request for DWG files


Make a Drawing Set of Construction Documents in LO. One page showing the Plans, another sheet with elevations, sections, MEP an so on.

Then EXPORT from LO to DWG.

Collaborators will receive the Paper-Space along with the Models in AutoCad Format.


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Thank you.

I have all the pages created in LayOut.

I will export each of the pages.

I appreciate your input.

Actually, we can Export the WHOLE SET as One DWG File.

No need to export pages individually.


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