EXPORTING Sketchup 3D Model to SolidWorks

Hello! I need to export a structural design I made on Skp for a Hangar mainly in steel tubing to Solidworks; I was wondering if anyone may suggest what extension should I use preferably to export this .skp file?

I don’t use solidworks but I guess it can import files made on other softwares, dwg is the standard cad extension. You could export from sketchup to dwg and import from solidworks, if this doesn’t work, check on solidworks what files it is able to import then see if sketchup can export to any of those file extensions natively.

Edit: I was trying to find a plugin that exports directly from sketchup to solidworks file but I couldn’t find any there are plug-ins that export from sketchup to a file that solidworks can import. Anyways I found out that solidworks can import dwg, so you can do it without any plugin.

And this .dwg file is useless in Solidwoks - it contains blocks with polyfaces instead a usable 3d solids.

Basically, polyfaces are everything that SketchUp is about. Are your SketchUp components watertight SketchUp solids?

I don’t use SkecthUp in the pipeline for a long time anymore - only for a personal projects.

Thank you Francisco. I am on a TRIAL-error process. I have exported file as .slt to Solidworks friend who will try to import it back to SW
I will keep you posted as I think it is a valid and many times important resource, specially if we need to calculate certain strengths in our skp projects