S/Up Free: export as STL?

First - thanx for the assistance last week; things still wobbly but I got my windows moved & copied.

Today… looking to send file to a service for 3D modeling. Did it okay on an initial draft a few days back but now, having done further mods & revisions, I download it fine but it only comes up as an SKP. My service requires an STL. I see no option to save it in any particular format; just shows up as SKP.

Again, the odd thing is when I saved my first draft last week, it downloaded as an STL with no input from me.

Don’t Save, Export.

Yep. That how I think it worked okay for me the first time - though I’m using the free version. Not sure if export is available.

Export button isn’t responding.

…and there ya go!
‘Export’ was still unresponsive however I clicked the ‘search sketchup’ magnifier glass icon on the left:
I asked ‘Export STL”.
S’Up replied “Export STL. Generate a STL file from your model?”
I clicked…
S/Up immediately dropped a file to my Downloads folder & away we went!


That’s one way to do it, this is the usual method, if you can’t do this on your system you should be looking into why.
Export stl web

Yep. That’s what I wanted to do but that ‘Export’ button was unresponsive. I figured it was a function unavailable in the Free version. I’ll see what Sketchup have t say. But all sorted for the moment. Got the model uploaded to a service & waiting for a result.

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