File not saved after first login

After I’ve signed in with my Google Account I started working on a project for hours. The next day I wanted to continue, but I realised that the project never had been saved (although I hit the Save-button multiple times the day before). Luckily I exported a STL file, but this I cannot imported. Can anybody please convert it for me and send it to my email address: Here’s the file: Thanks!

Is it supposed to look like this with all the reversed faces?

Yes that’s my project! :slight_smile: (3.7 MB)

Here you go. Exporting it as stl implies you are planning to 3D print it? Is that right? If so, it’ll need a bunch of work including correcting the face orientation. Face orientation should be corrected anyway.

I just wanted to export a backup file (no intention to print) and chose SKP and STL as an alternative format to make sure I don’t loose any data. The exported SKP file does not include any changes, only the STL does … so with your help and my double-backup-strategy my project is recovered! Thank you very much Dave!:boom:

I see. Happy to get you back up and running. I think you need a bigger garage, though. Or you need to replace the car with a Harley.

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Hi Marcus: Sorry to hear about the stressful experience with the file. If you log-in to Trimble Connect, do you see your file there?

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