Seeking guidance or tutoring to upgrade my keyboard shortcuts, and possibly my workflow

Greetings fellow modelers!

I am looking to “remodel” my keyboard shortcuts, and possibly some workflow changes.

While there are some I almost never use, I currently have quite a few extensions installed:

Two of note for this particular topic will be Lord of the ToolBars and Curic Pie Menu.

For hardware, I employ the Logitech G600 MMO Mouse and the Spacemouse Enterprise.

Basically, I would like some help utilizing all these buttons so I can touch the keyboard as little as possible and keep my screen tidy without too many buttons.

Pressing a single key is easy.

Using the ctrl, shift and alt modifier keys begins to add varying levels of finger / thumb contortions and you’ll have to use a second hand for many.

I use AutoHotKey to increase the number of easier shortcut key combinations available to me that replace combinations such as ctrl + shift and especially ctrl + shift + alt.

So, I can have a single key press as a shortcut but also a quick double tap press and a long press, e.g. a single T press activates Curic’s DIO Trowel tool and a quick double T press activates the native tape measure tool.

I have a custom tag visibility plugin that toggles tags or groups of tags on / off on the fly which I access with space + key, e.g. space + N toggles the existing arrangement with the proposed arrangement, space + W toggles the wall tag, space + 1 toggles only the ground floor on / off.

space + N is actually ctrl + shift + alt + N.

This means that I can do all my fast modelling in just one scene - previously I followed the Brightman method of having various scenes set up for existing, proposed, external walls off and so on… which meant changing scenes frequently while modelling.

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That’s quite the setup.

Everyone has something different, and often VERY different.

There’s infinite ways to make things faster. I was just thinking about activating plugins. But controlling tags and the auto hotkey thing is a step above.

:thinking: I wonder if I can use the auto hotkeys on the buttons of my mouse.

Writing Code and stuff… That’s way over my head at the moment…