SketchUp Skill Builder video: Tip for editing Components


Check out the SketchUp Skill Builder video: Tip for editing Components by our very own SketchUpper and Team Member @TysonK

Skill level: Beginner
Skill developed: Editing Components

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He mentioned in “TIPS for editing COMPONENTS” going back and forth to the View Tab to hide model or like components and applying key board shortcuts. Something I found very helpful and it goes so un-noticed or recognized is the Alt key. Starting out and speaking for myself, I was so consumed with getting it right. I made more bone head errors with remembering all the proper applications and then to add following a tutorial into it. It got very frustrating trying to remember what tool did what, let alone what default keys applied to each tool, along with those I assigned. Through: Window>Preference>Shortcuts to customize what I needed. When you need a refresher it is easy to find, you feel for the space bar with you left thumb. The first key to your left is (Alt) and it will highlight ( underscore) the shortcut letter for all the upper selection tabs. So with a simple thumb click of Alt then index finger to E it gives me the drop down of Edit features with the default or assigned letter or combo to the right of each function. Edit and Tools have the most needed info and they are right next to each other. Plus using your thumb for Alt, Ctrl and Shift are right there as well. It helped remove the stutter stepping or clunking, instead you create a flow. Your right hand stays on the mouse while in a week or two. Your left hand and fingers know were to go by feel so your eyes stay on the screen or it is only a quick glance and your back eyes on screen modeling. If you play guitar you know the feeling, but its modeling instead of music. Alt, Shift and Ctrl ~ I would say are the MOST important tools not in the Toolbar list and will greatly enhance HOW you model, not how it looks…Peace…

SketchUp Skill Builder video: Tip for editing


Just a bit of info to update that may help you out with the key board short cuts. On every keyboard I have used so far, except projected ones. To help you orient your hand positions the F and the J keys have a raised slash on the lower middle edge of the key button. So with just a bit of time and practice, finding default or your own assigned short cuts. Without braking your focus is very easy to achieve. Especially for the left hand // Q, S, E, R, T, Z, F, H, A, C, Y and X. Then by sliding your left index finger to the right along the space bar. Till it hits the ALT key, for me my left ring finger lands dead on the O key with L directly below it. My middle finger lands just below the P and I have Shift+P for the protractor so when I cover the P key completely it moves my index finger onto the right side Shift key. Try it out and see how you can “organize” your hands to your keyboard !!!

I wonder how many people have actually noticed them there but dismiss there purpose or just said HUM?? …Peace…