Seeing other geometry whilst in a group/component inconsistency

In the image above, all the windows are transparent, proven by screenshot below

So, I entered the group which has the blueprints of the house (the white block below with text) and experienced the inconsistency in transparent materials while in another group/component.

(this is the first image, just here so you don’t have to scroll up)

The inconsistency is seen in the blue circled area. Here, the glass on the top seen only once are dark. Just below, is the same glass seen through another set of glass. Now, it has been changed to a lighter shade. Yet, below, and to its left, the glass is once again dark.
Another case is seen on the first instances right. Seen only once, the glass furthest away (closest to the door) is a sky blue color. Seen through another glass, it changed to another blue. Yet, the smaller windows in between the floors are in the same shade of blue as the former.
Sure, this doesn’t affect modeling, but I would like something done to it, or have a quick fix I can do to it.
-I am modeling on Make, and I know it’s no longer updated and improved on

I took a video of the color changing.

It looks like some faces of the windows are reversed compared to others.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

@DaveR could be right. The quick way to check is to set monochrome style and see whether the faces show the white front side or the blue/gray back side.

Well, I’ve done the windows as a component and I’m quite certain that the windows aren’t reversed.
I’ll share the model, but not today. I’m on my phone and I don’t have the model, which I can only upload tommorow afternoon

Well, I’m sure it’s not a bug.

building model2.skp (732.1 KB)

Oh and the faces don’t look reversed

there are 2 layers of these glass panes and the inner glass pane has the blue side facing in
Even if it was supposed to have the white in, all are the same and there’s no reason for the blue shades to be different

Thanks if there’s a fix for this
Thanks even if there’s no fix

Edit the style settings, second Tab, change Transparency to Nicer.

I’ve done as you told, now, the windows aren’t transparent anymore

So, I suppose it does fix it? by completely removing transparency of other geometry whilst in a group/component… works, so, :+1:

Looks transparent to me.

Transparent now…
In your GIF, the smaller window’s glass is slightly different in color while you are in the bigger glass window component.
Is this because all the big glass window are the same component but the smaller window is a different component?