Sectional view on Layout


I’d like to know if it’s possible to activate/deactivate the section view directly in Layout? Without having to create a dedicated scene for each section view in Sketchup.

Thank you for your reply.

hello, how I know its not possible

You can’t switch between sections in LayOut but you can have a scene with a section cut and choose to show or not show it in LayOut by changing the style.

Okay, that’s too bad.
What’s the style for doing this?

Being able to activate/deactivate a cut would be so much easier! And not complicated to set up, I think…

Section display state is a style property. Create a style with Sections displayed and another without. Then choose the appropriate style for the viewport in the SketchUp Model panel in LayOut. I created a set of styles that I use in LayOut. Some of them have sections enabled and some don’t. That way I don’t have to have more than one style in the SketchUp file.

If you know that it isn’t complicated to make selecting sections in LayOut possible then please get a job on the development team and make it happen. It would be nice to have that feature. Until it is implemented …