Section Tool Question plus one

Two questions. First about the Section tool.

When I create and place a section plane it appears in the Outliner and a number is assigned to the Name, say: 1. If I then erase/delete that section it disappears in the Outliner.
If I then create and place another section plane it appears in the Outliner and the number assigned to the Name is 2. If I delete that section and create another section the number assigned to the Name is 3 and so on.
I am confused by this. I expected when I deleted the first section, that the next section I created would begin again at 1 and not 2. I am learning how to use the Section tool - experimenting with placement etc… I have deleted all sections in my model yet my Section Name count is 45. What does this mean? Do I actually have 45 section cuts somewhere that I can’t find? Is it something I need to worry about?

Second, Microsoft Windows 10 question: I did something I know not what and now whatever application I’m in if I type an ‘s’ - lower case or upper case, the application closes. I can’t figure it out. Typing this message on my old computer cause my new computer now cannot handle when I type any ‘S’

Regarding the default section-name algorithm, I think SketchUp simply appends a monotonically-increasing number, starting at 1, as you noticed. Deleting a section plane with a given name does not affect the internal counter. A name such as section 45 does NOT imply that there are 44 other concealed section planes in the model.

Okay - thank you.

… and …eriou…ly. If I type an … the application clo…e…
Cant figure it out

Have you somehow assigned S to close application?


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Similarly, if you copy a section called “1”, the new one will have the same name. It’s a bit like the Outliner. You can have lots of different groups with the same name. You can, of course, change the name manually.