Section Name Reset

Is there a way to clear the automated section naming?

For example, I have only two section cuts in a particular model. However, I am using a previous file from another project which has 21 section cuts in it. I would like the next section cut tag to simple come up as “3” (and not #22).

Is there an operation for that?


I have a similar question about how to reset the section name and symbol. In the process of testing and updating one of my templates, I had created a single section plane. Prior to save as template, I deleted the section plane from outliner and verified in Models Info-> statistics, section plane count was 0.
However, now when I open a file from my template and add a section plane, the name and symbol is 2. This is a blank template and a section cut would be the first one, so I want the symbol/name to default to 1. As it stands now, I have to manually change the symbol/name from 2 to 1.

Help would be very much appreciated.

Entity info tray. It’s still manual though.

Thanks Nick.
I did resolve my issue with my template but it required starting a fresh unopened file, with no section planes opened prior to save as template. It seems that once a file uses a section plane, even one, the next used section symbol/name is incremented by one. Even if one deletes all previous section planes, the next one starts from the incremented value.

So as you point out, manual methods are required for the succesive sections: either in entity info or the outliner via a right context click and scroll to bottom. Seems like entity info is easier.
It would be a good feature to provide a section name reset in Preferences.

Also, one other thing I discovered, if you clicked on the Section Plane pop-up warning message “Please do not show this message again” and later you want to revert back to display the section messages, go to Preferences->General-> “Reset All Warning Messages” to restore them.
Some screenshots below in case it helps someone going forward.